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A dashingly handsome and sweetly romantic young and virile human male. He is generally known to be a gentleman in the street and a freak in the bed. Highly intelligent and multi-talented, especially in the arts. May dabble in: cooking, shaking that rump, guitar playing, and dark beers. Enjoys both the decadent and intellectual pleasures of life.
- "So, I finally had this boy spend the night with me. I couldn't help it."
- "He's a stone cold Scott; you never had a chance."
by erinefreeman February 14, 2012
10 4
Truly the most intelligent, wise, benevolent, generous, heroic, most literate, physically attractive, sexually appealing, beautiful, talented man EVAAAR! Known throughout the realm for his devilish wit, powers of seduction, infinite charm, bulging bicep veins, ripped abs, perfect glutes and enormous phallus!!! Admired by men, women, children and animals alike.

It is fabled that just one of his infinite sperm(all of which are the size of tic-tacs) can impregnate multiple women/feminine men/women-like animals/feminine men-like animals simultaneously!
wet orgasming female: "OMG!! There's Scott, I want to give birth to his progeny."

salivating chick with massive breasts: "Same he's such a great guy......beautiful smile."

*both lick lips and rub nipples*
by GREATGUYbeautifulSMILE December 07, 2011
10 4
The Sweetest, Cutest, Nicest, Hottest, Sexiest, Most Lovable Person on this Planet. Hazel Eyes(Blue, Then Green, Then Brown) Curly Longish Hair, Always wears a Hat (Flat Bills) Perfect lips. Loves to Box, Play Football, And Lacrosse? He is a Nigga!(Not really) He is freaking hilarious and has a freaking amazing personality. Has had a hard past, But Is determined to have a better future. One who Cares A great deal About The one they are with, And would do virtually anything for her, is someone, SUPER easy to love, And any girl on this planet would be damn lucky to have him.<3 Always and Forever
My World Is Incomplete with out you Scott Wagoner.
by Featheriscooler September 14, 2011
16 10
A hot guy who is a great kisser and lover. Hes experienced, but hasnt been satisfied yet, so you could be his chance. He sometimes gets out of line but be understanding as he doesnt know any better. If youre going out with one, never let him go as you will regret it for ages
Girl 1: My boyfriends so hot, and a great kisser
Girl 2: I didnt know you had a boyfriend, but from the sounds of him he must be a Scott.
Girl 1: You bet he is
Girl 2: Wow, I dont care that youre going out with him...hes so hot im gonna go prise him away from you
by bootygurl69 March 04, 2012
8 3
Funny, sexy, fun and has a great body. Can be a bit dopey but are always aware. they make great sexual partners and are horny alot of the time. They are fun to be around, and tend to make sexual jokes. they make great boyfriends, and friends
Girl: "OMG hes such a Scott!"
by Some.hot.bitch October 03, 2011
10 5
Scott is a legendary ass motherfucker. If someone named Scott comes to your place you know shit is about to get real. Scotts are normally much cooler than other averagely-named people such as Ross, John, Dakota and all of those other lame names.
"Wow! This party is lame. We need to call Scott so we can start having some fun."
by swastie July 10, 2014
4 0
Scott is the most amazing person I have ever met. He is caring, sweet, generous, and always available to help. He puts you before his own personal goals to make sure you are happy. He is one of a kind and I'm so happy that he is mine.
Me: I'm so totally in love with Scott.
by SMUgirl May 07, 2013
5 1