A tall, incredibly smart, and attractive man. He has a very goofy personality, but rolls with it and is all-around a beast of a friend. When it comes to math, Scott is a complete Boss and will own you in any standardized test on the subject (and many others). Can destroy on the piano and sings bass for his high school's Mainstream choir. Works in his school's journalism class where you get to hear his beautiful voice say, "Good morning Northwest." Bro for life, dawg.
If you're a Scott then you're a beast.
by Mister Mojo August 13, 2011
The apex of human civilization
Scott just landed a 900... Wtf!!!
by Velosarapture July 21, 2014
A super cute, awesome, nice, funny, and sweet guy!!
girl; *HE MUST BE A SCOTT!!* (in her mind)
girl; WHats ur name?
guy; UHmm, Scott :)
girl: *I KNEW IT!!!* :)
by me!! <3 November 05, 2011
Scott is a legendary ass motherfucker. If someone named Scott comes to your place you know shit is about to get real. Scotts are normally much cooler than other averagely-named people such as Ross, John, Dakota and all of those other lame names.
"Wow! This party is lame. We need to call Scott so we can start having some fun."
by swastie July 10, 2014
The Blackwell of all men. He has a large following of females, he also has the great hair of darkness. Usually found in his atural habitat, the Amazon (the giant women one).
"Scott is hot"
"Great Scott!"
"Golly gee, man, I need some Scott to love"
"The Blackwell Scott tells me to burn things"
by Bloenfontein January 30, 2010
Scott is the most amazing person you will ever meet. He is sweet, caring and a good listening. He also has the biggest brown eyes and dark skin. His hair is usually dark. He dresses incredibely, not to professional, yet not to casual. His style usually says " Im here to party". Scott is always with a group of girls. Although Scott is not the sharpest tool in the shed, he is fun to be around and a great conversationalist. He is a great friend and an even better boyfriend. If you ever find a Scott, dont let him go.
See that Scott over there?
Yeah, I'd totally date him!
by bb34 April 06, 2011
A self-proclaimed asshole, one who can initially impress others and genuinely appear to be a nice guy.

(Note: the above claim has in fact been independently verified by multiple individuals on several occasions.)
Scott: "I know I'm an asshole. I always have been."
"I'm really sorry, I can be such an ass."
by NonexistentOne September 22, 2009

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