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someone who has knowledge in many aspects of life and can come up with a remark to keep a conversation going
GUY: i think that if it was anyone else that i would get sick of it but theres just something about you that i think we could legit talk forever

GIRL: i'm just such a witty conversationalist
by jon doen July 25, 2010
20 3
people who make good conversation. these people are people who everyone wants to talk to because their conversations are amazingly fun. conversationalists love talking to other conversationalists as well.
John: Hey Lisa you know those kids Eddie and Jen?
Lisa: Oh my god yes, they are such good conversationalists.
John: I agree completely, i love talking to them so much!
Lisa: Yes I know, talking to them is my faveorite thing to do.
by nakedde April 24, 2011
3 0
a person hu is good at or is fond of conversing
gareth is not a very good conversationalist

Comment submitted with Request to Delete: "Your definition for conversationalist was weak. It was not helpful in any aspect except maybe to a child. Do some research and come up with a better definition than that!"
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
9 22