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The Sweetest, Cutest, Nicest, Hottest, Sexiest, Most Lovable Person on this Planet. Hazel Eyes(Blue, Then Green, Then Brown) Curly Longish Hair, Always wears a Hat (Flat Bills) Perfect lips. Loves to Box, Play Football, And Lacrosse? He is a Nigga!(Not really) He is freaking hilarious and has a freaking amazing personality. Has had a hard past, But Is determined to have a better future. One who Cares A great deal About The one they are with, And would do virtually anything for her, is someone, SUPER easy to love, And any girl on this planet would be damn lucky to have him.<3 Always and Forever
My World Is Incomplete with out you Scott Wagoner.
by Featheriscooler September 14, 2011
A crotchety, perpetually complaining, old, well armed man, who can drop you with a look. His grapefruit-sized balls swing pendulously underneath his saggy sweatpants, which he wears 24/7/365, unless it's hot outside, in which case it's cutoff sweats.

His resemblance to Santa Claus is uncanny, and has been known to cause hypertension in young adults. His resemblance is physical only, as his demeanor will curdle milk. He collects midget-sized women to do his bidding, and is happy to ask them to do just about anything. They often find themselves handling a lot of wood and a lot of shit.

Scott can be found shooting things or thinking about shooting things on any given day. He loves to surround himself with prickly things, women's hair, and Velcro shoes. All tiny women need to be put on notice that he will hook you in if he has the chance.
Scott: That's a bunch of *&^!@# shit. That's not what O'Reilly said last night.

Me: Are you serious?

Scott: Why wouldn't I be? You think I'm being a vagina?

Me: WTF? (Leaves in a cloud of confusion.)
by Vampire Cat January 20, 2013
A bad ass that can kick a Matt and a Chris ass at any moment
The Scott
by scott45000 January 08, 2013
1. The best (one of the best) quickscopers of all time

2. Nazis in the form of Zombies, bow down to him on Kino with the ZeusCannon and the upgraded ray gun.

3. Loves to play with MachineOfVachine, and they tend to merk shit up on MW2.

4. very smexy with muscles, and also A FUCKING ALLSTAR.
person: see that swim suit model there.
person 2: ya that's a scott.
by MachineOfVachine May 03, 2011
Scott is a nickname for a hot/handsome and wealthy male. They are American and have to have been born in America.
Scott is a very hot and wealthy person.
by Awesome man August 16, 2014
By the sounds of it I met the wrong Scott, he is arrogent, selfish, self absorbed and a cheater. Though very charming at first, don't be fooled by this Scott.
by Lady13 February 17, 2013
He has big blue eyes; they're the first thing you notice about him. The second thing is his voice, which is deep and unique and doesn't match up to his laugh, that sounds like a kid's. He's incredibly driven, and doesn't like to do nothing. You can tell he's going to be successful because he's passionate about everything he does. He will always take care of you. He knows you like a book and can always tell when you're sad, which he then stops at nothing to change. He's your first love, he's your high school highlight, he's your world.
"she loves him cause he's scott"
by mf0915 February 10, 2013