A) A term derived from the word Scottish, very plain for it is an old English name. This name was not popularly used until 1950s. Most people holding this name are very "boss" minus the fauxhawk sporting muscle heads of today.
B)The most amazing artist I've ever been lucky enough to know. Seeking to graduate FSU in 2013 and pursue the arts.
"hey did you see Scott's work at the art show?"
"you know it! He is so the beznez<3"
by ScottishSeashore July 18, 2009
Funny, sexy, fun and has a great body. Can be a bit dopey but are always aware. they make great sexual partners and are horny alot of the time. They are fun to be around, and tend to make sexual jokes. they make great boyfriends, and friends
Girl: "OMG hes such a Scott!"
by Some.hot.bitch October 03, 2011
The Sweetest, Cutest, Nicest, Hottest, Sexiest, Most Lovable Person on this Planet. Hazel Eyes(Blue, Then Green, Then Brown) Curly Longish Hair, Always wears a Hat (Flat Bills) Perfect lips. Loves to Box, Play Football, And Lacrosse? He is a Nigga!(Not really) He is freaking hilarious and has a freaking amazing personality. Has had a hard past, But Is determined to have a better future. One who Cares A great deal About The one they are with, And would do virtually anything for her, is someone, SUPER easy to love, And any girl on this planet would be damn lucky to have him.<3 Always and Forever
My World Is Incomplete with out you Scott Wagoner.
by Featheriscooler September 14, 2011
Scott is an asshole
Person 1: Who's Scott
Person 2: This asshole
by cheese meese February 02, 2015
"Scott" as a noun is used as a first name for males and is also one of the oldest Scottish last names meaning "From Scotland", "Of Scottish ascent" and "That one who speaks Gaelic".

"Scott" as an adjective is used to refer to a male with many good characteristics such as:
* Intelligence,
* Honesty,
* Justice Driven,
* Good Humor,
* Loyalty,
* Good looks,
* Kindness,
* Chivalry,
* Passion,
* Creativity,
* and great Listening skills among others.

Basically meaning a male person who's attentive and fun to be with.
Joe Doe: "I met this guy at the convention that could remember and ask me about all the things I told him... He was such a Scott!"
Ann Doe: "My friend Charlie is a total Scott. Today he was volunteering again, this time for the Red Cross."
Joe Doe: "My new boss is a Scott. He's always positive and it seem he really cares about our needs and concerns! He's already improving the company general morale.
Ann Doe: "I think my boyfriend Pete is a Scott... He remembers every detail about my preferences and he's very sweet and passionate in bed. I am so happy!"
-Man #1: "I really enjoy myself at the party! The host was so witty and attentive! He asked me about my girls by their names which made feel that he cared and shared with me some of his many hobbies!
-Man #2: "Oh sure! William is the classic Scott!".
by Laura Hoet December 27, 2014
Someone who is caring, charming, loveable, loyal, hardworking, and responsible. Someone who is good at MMA, lives far from the one he likes, and is very handsome. Most likely a pizza eater and always happy. Someone who will always brighten your day and give you peace at heart. Someone who you can enjoy skyping to every night, and waking up to see their smiling face. Someone who sends lots of kisses from afar. Most likely a fan of football, preferably the Seahawks. Is often referred to as Scottie.
"Everyone needs a Scottie."
by WashingtonCrush February 13, 2014
By the sounds of it I met the wrong Scott, he is arrogent, selfish, self absorbed and a cheater. Though very charming at first, don't be fooled by this Scott.
by Lady13 February 17, 2013

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