Scott is a nickname for a hot/handsome and wealthy male. They are American and have to have been born in America.
Scott is a very hot and wealthy person.
by Awesome man August 16, 2014
A Nice person. Not very goodlooking, but somehow always has a babe. He is clingy.
"Omg who's Scott's bae now "

"I dunno, he changes them everyday "
by DALFklan July 01, 2014
A Doctor in his own mind but he is really just a dentist. A stinky, gassy, raunchy mother fucker that could lay Chuck Norris out with a simple fart. If you see a Scott you must approach with caution! Although he may look like a nice, kind, tender man, this guy is the devil!
Oh holy shit balls! It's a Scott! Run Motha Fucka RUNNN!!!!
by The Doctor's Mom January 08, 2013
1. The best (one of the best) quickscopers of all time

2. Nazis in the form of Zombies, bow down to him on Kino with the ZeusCannon and the upgraded ray gun.

3. Loves to play with MachineOfVachine, and they tend to merk shit up on MW2.

4. very smexy with muscles, and also A FUCKING ALLSTAR.
person: see that swim suit model there.
person 2: ya that's a scott.
by MachineOfVachine May 03, 2011
from Scotland. Toughest of the three tribes. Strongest legs. Thickest skin. Hulky, but not that the fat can see. Excellent with controlling alcohol. Sometimes breaks things from their muscles in use, they're kinda used to the E in effort. Personalities like cute little fresh flowers.
You're not nothing unless you're a Scotts. For Scotts anyway.
by europopian September 07, 2009
A lil' bitch
He is such a scott
by sockmonkeymini April 10, 2016
A promiscuous women, a sexually loose female. Derives from loose cannon. Canon composed by Pachelbel. Parker for short. Footballer Scott Parker
That girl is a Scott
by evo drums June 02, 2015
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