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A 'schoolie' is a female under the legal sex age, for obvious reasons the girl has to be in education. Although not every underager is a schoolie , e.g. fat birds are not schoolies; fat, munting birds are not schoolies either; unattractive girls are also not applicable.

NOTE: A schoolie candidate can only be verified if 3 or more males over the legal sex age agree she is worthy, otherwise she is just a random bint.
Grant: "Munk shagged Julie the Schoolie last weekend,"

Dennis: "Mint,"
by Dennis McInally February 24, 2009
Some who has recently graduated (or other!) from highschool who goes on a drunken rampage with similar youths, usually in a Kombi stacked to the roof with slabs.
"Damn Schoolies...blew up my wheelie bin."
by Smythe November 01, 2003
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