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Dan Fox's definition is correct, except the actual french phrase is "Repondez s'il vous plait".
Please RSVP before the 25th.
by EJL December 12, 2003
Acronym of French phrase: "Repondez Sil Vous Plais". English translation: "Reply If You Please"

Used, especially on written invitations, to request a respose.
We are getting married. Please come to the church and the afterparty. Live sex show starring me and my newly betroathed. RSVP.
by Dan Fox July 22, 2003
In French it stands for "Repondez s'il vous plaît"
Please RSVP at least 5 days before my birthday.
by veggieness April 03, 2005
"Repondez s'il vous plait" in French.

Used to indicate that a response to an invitation is required or expressly requested.

1: Usually used by the host to have an idea of the number of people attending the occasion.

2: In some cases used for those who are treated with preference.

1: (John) How much food should we order for this dinner?
(Lisa) We can decide that once we get the replies from the RSVP invitations we sent out.

2: Party at exclusive club tomorrow, entry at 10PM. RSVP for free VIP 'guest list' entry. Non RSVP people will have to pay entry fees, no exceptions tolerated.
by Kat13 January 28, 2009
In Indian sub-continent; it is also used in sarcasm. It has been abbreviated as "Reply Soon; Varna Pitoge". English Translation would be: "Reply Soon; Else you'll be beaten". It is hence considered that the sender requires a reply to his/her letter.
Grant me a leave for two days. RSVP.
by hjpotter92 March 21, 2011
Respond Sexually Via Penis.
Responded Sexually Via penis.
Guy 1 "She wants to bang you man!" Guy 2 "Ok then I guess I will RSVP her then."
by Johnny Lindgren April 15, 2011
Respond Sexually Via Penis.

Responded Sexually Via Penis.

Either to respond sexually via your penis to a question, or to respond to a sexual invitation via your penis.
Yeah I know, he RSVP'd her.
by Johnny Lindgren April 15, 2011
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