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4 definitions by KrAzY_KaRl

Tier you cock sucking asshole you stole that entire definition from my beloved Maddox! eat my balls.
I'm Rick James bitch! smell my balls you cock, come up with your own rants next time, bitchnuts
by KrAzY_KaRl November 28, 2005
Tocko is Australian slang meaning penis. it is just like the American slang, johnson
I sure would like to suck his tocko!
by KrAzY_KaRl March 05, 2005
1. A place where dirty old men like to spy on 18yo slutty white chicks. The oldies then proceed to get action off the chicks.
schoolie: I wear skimpy clothing and I love cock!

dirty old man: he he he.. I want your tight pussy
by KrAzY_KaRl March 05, 2005
A "Natt" is the act of receiving a blowjob from someones mother.
Woah, your mum gave me an awesome Natt!
by KrAzY_KaRl May 09, 2005