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Its both a hug and cuddle combinded into one move.
Can I get some huggles?
I was with may girlfriend last night and I gave her lots of huggles.
by Smythe February 27, 2003
A Kandy Kid is someone who wears Kandy and listens to Techno and goes to Raves they dress all cute and such like they were five and give out plenty of hugs for no reason.
Are you a Kandy Kid?
Hey I'am a Kandy Kid!!!!
by Smythe February 27, 2003
Kandy is simply another word for jewelry
Yo, check out all my Kandy
I made mad Kandy last night
wanta trade kandy?
by Smythe February 27, 2003
Its German for hermaphrodite, also a very shway Rammstein song.
Yo...this kid Nickolicious is a Switter.
by Smythe March 28, 2003
a type of danceing that is popular on the Rave scene.
did you see that guy liquid?!!!
I rock at doing liquid!!!
by Smythe February 27, 2003
Something that should be learnt properly before being allowed access to word definitions on Urban Dictionary. I'm sick of misused punctuation, missing capital letters and lazy spelling. If I had a red pen right now...
"Lyk do u giez no how 2 punktooate coz mie teecher says i suk @ it"
"Get out."
by Smythe August 11, 2005
Someone who is normal, plain, boring.
You and all your friends are such norms
stupid norm leave me be
by Smythe February 28, 2003
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