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There's only two states worth being in, Queensland and pissed.
Queensland: Why would you wanna be anywhere else.
by SlowDecay December 06, 2006
The most Australian place in Australia the last true remnant of Australiana. Where snobby nosed euro wannabe, outsiders from the southern states fear to tread. Where XXXX is drunk and people are tough.
Queenslander: Oi where you from cunt!

Outsider: Victoria mate!

Queenslander: fuck off back there you greasy cunt before i knock ya out! and stop trying to speak like a queenslander ya mug

Outsider: Ok im going home now to drink cat piss beer and root a hairy greek woman.
by krilled April 23, 2006
The most north-eastern state of Australia. Pretty women, even better looking backpackers. 100's of beutiful sunny islands including straddie (Stradbroke)
Captial city Brisbane (also known as brisvegas), home of XXXX beer, also the home of the bevan.
Known by the other states as the "different" state. Queenslanders don't take shit!
Stay out of the sun in Queensland, you'll get a bad farkin sunburn!
by jamesbrown April 23, 2003
A northern state of Australia that has completely fucked up weather, Shop opening and closing times and last but not least, incredibly boring tourist spots. Trust me, I lived there for 5 years.
Bruce: Wanna' get a bite to eat terry? it's only 8:00pm!

Terry: We can't, were in Queensland. all the shops closed at 6!

Bruce: Then we'll go to McDonnalds! Their open 24/7!

Terry: We better hurry, they close in 15mins!
by Loves the cold January 22, 2009
Quite possibly the most laid back, relaxed state in Australia
All the Mexicans move to Queensland because it really is a better place to live.
It rocks to be a Queenslander
by Woohzal March 11, 2008
The embarrasment of Australia. A place where it is almost mandatory to weigh 300 kg. Young people in Queensland either get out and wisely migrate south or recently get busted smuggling drugs and spend 30 years in an Indonesian Jail. Queenslanders, generally are proud to be stupid but are secretly all jealous of Victorians. Queenslanders largely live in Caravan Parks/Trailer Parks.
We have our own 3rd World in Australia, it's called Queensland.
by SvetlanaBabe November 22, 2010
The reason Australia has the second highest child obesity rate.

Queenslanders need to stop eating and start working.
If you're living in queensland, are under the age of 18 and slim. You're a liar.
by I am Dog October 01, 2005
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