someone who trys to look or act seen when they are really far from it.
Scene Poser: Bring Me The HoriZon is the b3st b@nd evaa!!, There so br00tal. S0 ar3 sk8 board3r$$
by SatanOnFire August 23, 2007
they copy scene kids, and try to act like them, and dress like them all of a sudden.
they go on google, urban dictionary, or wherever to find out on how to be scene and end up failing miserably. they do it because they think its "cool." because they want to be "in" the group. you can't expect someone not to call you a poser when you come up to school the next day changed completely. true scene kids do not admit they are scene and they usually keep to themselves about it. posers tell everyone they're scene because they want people to see them as scene. for example, you go to the mall and look at a hello kitty shirt. if you say, " oh i like that shirt because it looks scene." your a poser. your trying so hard to be a scene. scene posers get fake lip piercings, they pretend to obssess over metal/death/screamo bands. they are ones who decide suddenly that they are truely scene when they were a preppy girly girl the day before. they are people who act like a scene, when they are truely really far from it.
scene poser: heyy baby. your so fucken rad(:
and i swear i saw this guy. he was the sex. hella ubber cute too.
rawrr, hellokitty.

normal girl: where the fuck are you getting all this wierd slang language from all of a sudden?

scene poser: oh, i went to youtube, google, urbandictionary and all these other places and im totally scene now. its so me. now im so much better then you.

normal girl: wtf, go get a life. learn to be original, and stop being a poser. your so damn dumb.

by janiceeee September 21, 2009
Someone who dresses up scene, acts scene, and talks scene for the benefits of what other scene people get: sex, girls, attention, etc.

Symptoms of a scene poser:
- Talks about being scene
- keeps the same style for more than a couple of days
- Changes from a non-scene style to a scene style in less than a couple of days.
- Style matches a picture you saw on the internet EXACTLY
- Doesn't look scene, though they try to
- Does a hairflip more than twice in one minute
- Tries to make friends with other scene people
- Goes over the top with girl clothing, such as girl pants, girl shirts, girl hats, etc.
- Too pussy to get a piercing or two

There are much more symptoms that our brains can pick up that automatically tell us that he/she is a poser.

If you want to have the style for yourself, not because you want to fit in, or look awesome, but so it matches you, it will most likely work out.
Shelly: Is that a scene kid? OMG I WANT HIM.

Jake: No, he's a scene poser. He hasn't bothered to do anything with his hair in weeks, he has had the same piercing for a month, and he's acting like a fag. Clearly he wants the benefits of a scene person, but he doesn't want to maintain the style. What a shame.
by ELKUY May 25, 2009
someone who trys to look or act scene when they are really far from it.

dude, you know that scene poser mary? she listens to bands everyone knows like the clash and nirvana but she got snake bites, a scene haircut, and she tries to take scene pics and she put polka dots as her background on her myspace. what a scene poser.

by nicholasxgore January 31, 2007
the word 'scene' describes the word 'poser'
scene kids like to think they are unique by doing what everyone else does, and then thinks that someone who does exactly what they did is a poser.
scene kids are posers. a scene poser is someone who wants to be a poser. fucked up, isn't it?
by xhoxcrusherx July 11, 2006

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