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very, a lot
The Pittsburgh Penguins did muchly well last night!
by Brenna July 06, 2003
66 35
one step better than much, same implication, but one step better.
Though she was adamant that there was nothing special about her, April rocked muchly in the eyes of her adoring penguin.
by insat January 31, 2006
38 15
Muchly is like lots of. Only it sounds better.
"This is a muchly interesting conversation."

"Yesh indeedio."
by tamzinrose June 24, 2005
70 47
Meaning very much so.
Brett:Sarah do you enjoy your Sherlock Holmes shows?
Sarah: MUCHLY!
by Turtle Jester July 16, 2010
5 4
a word used to describe something that needs more emphasis that what "much" or "so much"can do on its own
T Rock says to her BFF: "We click muchly! Im so glad I found you."
by Sp*%^LES September 20, 2011
4 4
a retarded word that Heather uses instead of much
yes I think so very muchly
by Lucy-Jane Pick March 03, 2008
25 46