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A scene poser is someone who tries to be scene because they think that it is cool, but aren't really scene. They suddenly change themselves completely. They start wearing different clothes, acting different, hanging with different people; all because it is 'cool'.

You can tell they are not scene because they were known differently before they suddenly changed themselves and don't know much about being scene at all. They just did it because they want to be 'in' and 'cool'.
Hey, who is that girl?"
"It's Amy."
"That preppy girl?"
"What happened to her?"
"She became a scene poser."
by JustMeg May 27, 2006
Panic! At The Disco is an amazing band from Las Vegas. They are known for their amazing shows and their original songs. They don't sound like any other band, EVER! They are very unique and original. Considered a "scene band" by many.
A few songs by Panic! At The Disco:
I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
Nails For Breakfast And Tacks For Snacks
London Beckoned Songs About Money By Machines
by JustMeg June 02, 2006
Axel Rose is the most amazing band frontman EVER!

He was big in the 80s when hard rock and metal where at their highest, known for his ability to give a show you'll never forget.

People who went to Guns N' Roses shows knew they might get 1 song or 10, depending on how Axel felt. If something bugged him, you knew. Constantly getting in fights with people seeing his concerts.

He is from the amazingly awesome classic hard rock band (sometimes considered metal), Guns N' Roses. He originated from the band Hollywood Rose, but joined up with the members of LA Guns to form Guns N' Roses. Later on Slash joined the band as their guitarist to form a kick ass group.
Guns N' Roses were known the most for their album: Appetite For Destruction.

Appetite For Destruction album songs:
Welcome To The Jungle
It's So Easy
Out Ta Get Me
Mr. Brownstone
Paradise City
My Michelle
Think About You
Sweet Child O' Mine- My favorite song by Axel Rose
You're Crazy
Anything Goes
Rocket Queen
by JustMeg June 02, 2006
A band that many scene people listen to.

A band that has been defined as a good band with enjoyable lyrics and a unique sound. Fall Out Boy was originally a scene band until it became mainstream. Panic! At The Disco is an awesome scene band that is starting to become mainstream.
Panic! At The Disco is a great example of a scene band.
by JustMeg May 26, 2006
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