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The best band on the face of this earth. Their music combines the most beautiful piano, guitar, drums, and bass melodies along with emotional, heart touching lyrics sung by Andrew, who has one of the most wonderful voices ever. Through their music, they express pain, love, and the hardships of life.
“this is to dying in another’s arms, and why I had to try it..” - Something Corporate
by Konstantine February 11, 2004
A really good band. They have some amazing stuff, and their song Konstantine can make anyone with a soul shed a tear. Thank you for piano rock, guys. For another piano rocker, see Ben Folds. For a more "emo" band, see Dashboard Confessional.
Everyone needs to listen to the song Konstantine by SoCo. Andrew makes my cry, it's so brilliant
by dcfan May 24, 2004
The best band in the entire world.
Andrew of Something Corporate has emo glasses that are fuckin' hot!
by reefsun December 09, 2003
Band that started off touring and doing live shows to build a rep. Have toured with such bands as Saves the Day, RX Bandits, Days Away, and the Format. They are a kick-ass emo band that have amazing talents and a fantastic live show.
I saw Something Corporate at their last show in San Diego, after having toured for 3 years, non-stop.
by Krystle January 03, 2004
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