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Scene posers come to places like urban dictionary, google etc. and search scene just to see what scene people wear, do and act. They will then attempt to dress and act scene but infact be complete utter posers and fail miserably. Scene posers are very sad muchly like other posers. So dearest children if you are doing this to become scene go buy some originality cos' its so in right now (you see because I just said originality was in they're gonna go get some because they're such posers).
Britty(poser) (on the internet talking to friends and cruisin') - LIKE zOMGz RAWR niggaZ sup homies?!!?!?!?
Tash(normal) - Dude wtf happend to you...?
Britty- ZOMGZ i so LIKE totally visited www.urbandictionary.com to like BECOME so hardxcrorexscene CAUSE imma so better den you!!!!!
Tash- *cough* scene poser*cough* Dude haven't you heard of originality?
Britty - SHUTUP IM going to cry :'( cause i just got this wikid hair cut and all, -sobs- my LIFE SUCKS im so emo!
Tash- pffft get a life looser -blocks-
by Jazhmeen December 05, 2006

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