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Unwritten Law is one of the best bands out there

Unwritten Law are one of the few non-label whore bands
Are you going to the Unwritten Law concert?
by Jake December 19, 2003
Unwritten Law aka UL is the best band that has ever came out to the music scene. They talk about life and don't exagerate, they tell facts and real life. They don't talk about sex and being rich and a playa like every other band on the music scene.
Jill-- "Unwritten Law talks about things I can relate to."
Bob-- "Yeah, they do, I respect their honesty and good rhythym."
by sour April 19, 2005
Something that isn't illegal to do, but you shouldn't due it even if it's legal. Breaking an unwritten law often causes confusion, chaos, and/or misunderstanding.
If you park next to a vehicle of the same color and make of yours, you're breaking an unwritten law.
by Carrera's Wedge June 26, 2007
one of the few emo bands that doesn't go for the whole emo craze, even though the emo craze thats brain-washing everyone with a brain isn't at all a bad thing!
o and this is comin from an "emo girl" apparently...
Guy 1:Hey wat band do you slit ur wrists to?
Guy 2:Me? None i like emo music, like Unwritten Law but im not in to all this emo poses!
by bEtHs ToXiC kIsSeS September 25, 2006
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