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a nickname given to the late singer/trumpeter Louis Armstrong. Short for "satchel mouth"
We need to watch out for the satchmo!
What, the trumpet player?
by kingofswing881 July 22, 2003
1. a bad ass trumphet player

2 or a benjiman for more detail see hippiehut
1. whoa check out that bad mofo rock that trumphet

2. benjiman hurry up and piss u shit head, tree fuckin, satchmo
by onebigcracka May 05, 2005
While some slore is giving you a rusty trombone you fart into her mouth causing her cheeks to blow up big making her look like Satchmo.
Bitch was giving me a pedestrian rusty trombone so I turned her into Satchmo.
by Ken Melloy February 29, 2008
n. An informal term for the sasquatch
woah, I almost saw the satchmo!
Really? (dies)
by Neo Ibhalmn August 20, 2007
The politically-correct way of insulting multiple persons implying that the insultee(s) are morbidly-obese, smelly, unattractive pathetic loser(s) with personalities to match.
Person 1: "You see that table of people from highschool over there?"
You: "Yea, what a bunch of Satchmoes."
by mooseknuckle December 24, 2004
v. to slap one with your own penis
n. the act of slapping one with your own penis
"That sick bastard just gave me a satchmo."
by Charlie December 13, 2003
The politically-correct way of insulting a person implying that the insultee is a morbidly-obese, smelly, unattractive pathetic loser with a personality to match.
Steve: "Are you still with Jen?"
Nathan: "No I dumped that SATCHMO for her best friend Lisa."
**See also Satchmoes
by mooseknuckle December 24, 2004
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