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Amazingly talented and charismatic jazz musician, most famous throughout the 40s and 50s. Also known as Satchmo. Best known for his song "What a Wonderful World", but his duets with Ella Fitzgerald leave "Wonderful World" in the dust.
Louis Armstrong's the man. And it's pronounced Lewis, not Looey.
by Plethora January 17, 2006
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A musical Genious
What a wonderful world.
by Wiggity Wack March 11, 2004
Satchmo is the father of jazz. And the crazy uncle of hip hop.
Louis Armstrong is God.
by ChickenFriedKitten June 14, 2004
Another word for a rusty trombone: when a girl gives a man a rim job and reaches around to jag him off simultaneously. Very often when the woman pulls her lips off the ass, a rusty colored residue is left behind. Since Louis Armstrong was rust-colored and played a wind instrument, and a girl needs to be "arm-strong", this term is extra appropriate.
Janet gave me a Louis Armstrong last night that made me shoot my load to the far wall.
by Glennus March 13, 2008
When you're having a threesome with 2 girls and you cum into one girl's mouth, then have her raspberry it into the other girl's asshole.
"I had such a great time at that party, and afterwards, I took those two girls home and managed to pull off a Louis Armstrong."
by Marty McSandyselfson May 19, 2006
When in the shower one cups one's hand ovek the crack of their ass before releasing gas. Upon release, the hand is moved to allow for varying tonal control of the sounds emitted. (Like when Louis would cover the bell of the trumpet for a muted sound
I had beans last night and was able to blast out the m,elody to stardust with a Louis Armstrong this morning.
by Falls Guy March 02, 2005

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