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when you put whip cream {or any tipe of sweet food}on a girl pussy{or any type of animal} and you lick it all up
onebigcracka-ummmmmmmm your moms pussy pie is the best
brent- yea its home made
by onebigcracka May 05, 2005
a mixture between fuckin and awesome

or fuckin awesome
dude that guy that just fucked J.lo is fawsome
by onebigcracka May 03, 2005
when a girl has a big ass and your mouth waters when you seeit and u just want to go up and tap it
Mikey- damn girl look at your badunkadunk. you could build a bridge over that cracka.

shananae-oooo for 5 bucks ill let u tap my badunkadunk
by onebigcracka May 06, 2005
if a fag actually does somethin cool or funny it is considered fagtacular
Carl-whoa that fag just beat the fuck out of that hobo
Tibias-yeah that was fagtacular
by onebigcracka May 03, 2005
a place where the hipppies go to smoke pot and fuck a shrub.
pimp#1-hey where are those hippies goin

pimp#2- prolly goin to smoke weed and fuck a tree
by onebigcracka May 04, 2005
somethin a dumb shit would say. ususually people that play with themselves while peein.
alacazae i just wiped my ass
by onebigcracka May 04, 2005
1. a bad ass trumphet player

2 or a benjiman for more detail see hippiehut
1. whoa check out that bad mofo rock that trumphet

2. benjiman hurry up and piss u shit head, tree fuckin, satchmo
by onebigcracka May 05, 2005
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