A ludicrously overgrown, unkempt patch of pubic hair, usually surpassing the borders of a standard bikini area.
Henry was shocked to find Norma in possession of a sascrotch.
by jestermeister August 22, 2003
1) A female that has an extremly large amount of pubes.
2) A thick bush.
3) A person that has an unecessary amount of pubic hair.
"Dude, i finally got to third base. she's a sascrotch!"
OR- One night tommy and susie got a little close, susie took her pants off and tommy thought "OH SHIT, im gonna need a lawn mower to get through that sascrotch"
by Theresa Gabrielle July 10, 2008
A woman or man with excessive pubic hair. Someone in seriuos need of a Brazilian wax job.
I thought Mindy was a real bombshell until I discovered she was a sascrotch.
by Hollandrocks August 28, 2008
A hairy pubic hair bush reminscent of sasquatch. Overgrown pubic hair ( male or female )
I need a bikini wax, I'm turning into sascrotch here!
by DefiantScribbler December 03, 2007
A large hominid found in the north western region of the United States. (n)
Sascrotch are well known for their large paws
by BloodyC January 06, 2006
When the pubic hair is grown full and lush like you would imagine sasquatch.
Husband: Hey, are we going to have sex tonight?
Wife: Sure! As long as you don't mind my sascrotch.
by REALST8R May 09, 2016
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