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The OTHER four-letter word.
Last night was so blazingly hot, a total pork-fest. We screwed for hours like rabid badgers.
by flyingdog March 18, 2008
health care professional who helps patients extract their head from their ass.
That jerk had his head so far up his own ass, he could see daylight. They had to get a cranioproctologist to operate on the jackass.
by flyingdog May 08, 2008
The cumulative distance that a penis travels during sex (Length of penis multiplied by number of thrusts. In and out count as two thrusts). Can be a measure of a single event or a lifetime.
I grew up in the 70's and, man, have I accumulated some serious dick mileage.
by flyingdog January 29, 2008
Rapid, vigorous sexual thrusting, most often associated with men who have smaller than average endowments.
Those two were really going at it; he was totally giving her bunnystrokes and she seemed to love it.
by flyingdog January 21, 2008
Erect penis, wrapped in a tortilla and offered for sex
Hey baby, you hungry? I've got this nice, hot bonechilada for you.
by flyingdog January 19, 2008
an intense orgy involving frequent and repeated penetration of one or more bottoms
That party last night totally degenerated into a bananaramathon; you should have been there, dude.
by flyingdog January 24, 2008
condensation that forms on the outside of a bong when ice is placed inside.
Damnit, man. I spilled bongwater all over the carpet when the fucking thing slipped out of my hands. Bongsweat, man, bummer.
by flyingdog April 24, 2008

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