Very hairy vagina.
In a world of bald snatch the sascrotch is an illusive seldom seen creature.
by wordywerdbitch January 21, 2015
One who has an abnormal amount or overgrown pubic hair.
Or one who has not shaved for too long.
Did you see that girl at the gym with the Sascrotch??
by Olygirl67 October 28, 2013
uncontrollably hairy nether region
dude i almost got suffocated going down on that sas-crotch
by nasty big tits March 02, 2012
When your genitalia is coated in fur much like the legendary Sasquatch.
CJ: So how did you and Barbara go last night?

Tony B: I was gonna go down on her but she had a fuckin' sascrotch.

CJ: Oh Sascrotch we know your love is real!
by Team Wuzzle April 30, 2009
An individual who has a large amount of pubic hair resembling a mythical ape like creature found in Nothern British Columbia.
After the bar I went home with Sally, but I was surprised to discover that she had a Sascrotch. I almost lost my watch.
by Rustachio July 10, 2008
A ludicrously overgrown, unkempt patch of pubic hair, usually surpassing the borders of a standard bikini area.
Henry was shocked to find Norma in possession of a sascrotch.
by jestermeister August 22, 2003
1) A female that has an extremly large amount of pubes.
2) A thick bush.
3) A person that has an unecessary amount of pubic hair.
"Dude, i finally got to third base. she's a sascrotch!"
OR- One night tommy and susie got a little close, susie took her pants off and tommy thought "OH SHIT, im gonna need a lawn mower to get through that sascrotch"
by Theresa Gabrielle July 10, 2008

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