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worthwhile pain to get wonderfully smooth legs that stay like that for about 3 weeks.
Guy: Damn it girl how do you get pins that smooth?
Girl: I've just had my waxing done
by Msci June 02, 2004
to have sex; can refer to a status in a relationship in which there is sexual activity.
You know Billy's girlfriend? I'm waxing it.
by Billy Blanks May 22, 2008
The act of taking weed, alcohol, and Xanax together in order to have a ridiculous night. WAX = weed, alcohol, xanax
Person 1: You crossfaded?
Person 2: Nah, I'm WAXing.
by XRated November 16, 2014
If something's awesome or cool or interesting, or just generally positive, it's "waxing". Derived from the cycles of the moon. Opposite of waning.
I fucking love your new car, blud, it's waxing!!
by SpazOnTheHorizon January 06, 2012
Drinking Alcohol on Script Medications

Wine/ Xanax - WAX'in
U wanna wax up before we hit the club?

Yeah bored as fuck lets just wax it up at mine

No cash this week bro ill just be waxing with my girl

I was waxing all day yesterday and have no idea how i ended up there!
by Frizzesh February 27, 2011
When a human being scratches the vinyl, (spinning records)
Turntable style. When you dig music and like it so much that you have a different beat in each ear.

Just chillin', waxing' (waxin')
by Shake and Bake December 12, 2006
to wax a girl is to shag her over the bonnet of a car
i waxed this girl on the way home from the pub on some chumps beemer
by P.Albone (Nox Noctics) October 06, 2003

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