Sexy ass, whore, can make any guys plessure level increase in a second. Has all the guys around her dying. Though don't want to make her mad, she can fight.
Damn Sam you so fine. you so fine you blow my mind.
by Akuma266 January 19, 2011
1-One who thinks he has absolute knowledge about video-games, but has none at all.
2-One who listens to things others say or people say in movies, then repeats them as a stupid jokes making no sense.
3-A complete 'dick head' to friends and gets mad or frustrated with them for doing something and does it more or worse themselves.
Sam: "The AK74u in Black Ops is based on the one in Rambo."

X: "I'm 2nd prestige in MW2!"
Sam: "Oh ya, well I'm 8th prestige!"
Y: "I'm 5th prestige."
Sam: "Wow you guys are such fags for playing too much video games!!!"
by it's-true December 12, 2010
a stupid hooker that loves to steal guys from girls. she is very unattractive and man like, but she is a total slut that will have your man in a maximum of a week. watch out for any sams, they are the worst. liking her statuses makes her very very upset, and i think it is quite hilarious. they are very fond of STD's, and are totally slutty in a mannish kind of manner. they will pretend to be your friend and get to know you, just so they can find out who you like and date them. do NOT trust them with anything. she will fuck any guy and suck their cock with pleasure. they do not brush their teeth and sort of may resemble a fat, stupid, hairy twat. guys like her for her boobs, and they like her because she will put out on the first date. she thinks going around fucking every guy is "mature." she deserves to get a large ass-whooping and all of her secrets told. so that shall be done. yes. so that, my friend, is the definition of "sam."
oh dude, shes about to pull a sam.
watch out for her, shes such a sam!!
by chodely November 25, 2010
13 and a half inch cock, 4 around and can use it like no other. a compleat sex god. thats why he cant run fast like most. he has two brains and uses them for everything.
(two girls)we had a threesome with sam and we couldnt take all of it. we have to find a friend
by stacy h September 02, 2010
An acronym for Small Asian manhood
Sam has a very S.A.M. that should be on guiness world records.
by Spank A Monkey August 20, 2010
oh i was watching that asian show.....DAYUM THAT GUY WAS A SAM!
by thebeastoftaccos July 09, 2010
A good friend(s) of mine:

1.) Sam; a punk, scene girl who likes to have fun and just be herself. She's a great girl who has to watch her sister way too much.

2.) Sam; a cool girl that doesn't live on base but have beome very fond of over the last few months. She's likes to hang out with me and my close friends. A little perverted but nothing no one I know can't handle.
by PaperclipKiller July 25, 2009

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