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n. The conversation that happens after making out/sex. It's infinitely better than normal conversation because there's touching involved.
During pillow talk I asked him about his family.
by The Grammar Nazi June 11, 2002
Pillow Talk can be any variety of things. It can be before or after being intimate, or without that at all. The point of pillow talk, though, is for two people to enjoy each other's presence through conversation, in a somewhat spontaneous way, but in a way that will let both parties go to bed with clear heads.
After pillow talk, my heart rate dropped by half.
by THeel May 04, 2006
sweet and inviting talk that really has no point, but its so good. doesnt have to be sexual nor follow anything sexual, cute talk between those rested on pillows.
<something totally sweet> (not sharing my pillow talk on here.)
by celina February 14, 2004
intimate talk between lovers while lying in bed after copulating
She tiptoed out of the bedroom after the pillow talk was over.
by The Return of Light Joker May 21, 2008
The silly chats you have after having sex. generally a lot of nonsence but is a way of holding onto those amazing moment when you can be close to somebody!
i love having pillow talk, we can say anything and giggle
by spaner January 14, 2011
The phenomenon of a woman attempting to speak to a sleeping man after sex.
"Hey Hanna, what's your pillow talk like with Berend?"
"Oh it's great, it's the only time of day that he listens to me patiently"
by Erna January 22, 2014
Talking to someone like a friend, family member, boo just anyone really while your laying your head down on a pillow
Last night me and Jamie had a great pillow talk convo about Ricky and kaitlyns relationship
by Black chicken August 01, 2013
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