One who prefers the sexual company of inanimate objects, usually stuffed animals.
Did you see what that man is doing over there? He's definitely a Sam.
by Carolina B23 January 21, 2012
a socially awkward man
Look over there Vic, its a S.A.M.
by blanketj January 19, 2012
Another word for a nugget obsession
"I love chicken nuggets"
"you are totally a Sam"
by Memeneme November 23, 2011
The guy that everyone wants to hit in the face
That guy is such a Sam.
by AxxM May 05, 2011
short ass motherfucker
"ya i went to the club last night and it was full of S.A.M.'s"
by lenamay March 31, 2010
Ski Area Management (SAM) are college students who are badass, smokes, and have lotsa sweet parties. SAMs, as they're referred to, are the masters of their domain, which is the snow, and will be found on the hill whenever there is one open and even when they're not! This is the most awesome degree known to mankind.
Ahh Son !!!! , IT'S A SAM THING ...
by SAM Man Son! December 07, 2009
A male with either a small (micro) or no penis.
Trace: "Hey look at that him, he's cute."
Sara: "Hmm, not really, he's a Sam."
Trace: "Your fucking kidding me."
by the_penzance May 08, 2014

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