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A 15 year old child obsessed with anime fantasy. No real life but thinks that passing basic classes makes him smart when passing basic classes is actually akin to epically failing all normal classes. Hates cats but ironically owns THREE. curly brown hair. bad breath. reeks glasses. owns several thousand japanese katanas. to sum it all up he'll look like a wookie with samurai pants on.
B. "dude sam is speaking japanese again"
Sam "Teryaki suzuki toyota honda civic!!!"
B. "oh crap now he's got his sword out"
Sam "aaggggghhhhhh!!!!"
*trips and stabs himself on sword*
Sam "Konichiwaaaaaa........"
by Bkonop November 03, 2011
short ass motherfucker
"ya i went to the club last night and it was full of S.A.M.'s"
by lenamay March 31, 2010
Another name for a booty call. Stands for Sex, Alcohol and Money(or marijuana) because thats the only time you see them is when you need one of those. Works especially well not to distinguish between a male or female individual around the opposite sex.
"What did you do last night?"

"Went to see SAM!"

"How was she?"

"We got drunk and screwed. Then I rolled out!"
by Big Josh Stud February 25, 2010
Ski Area Management (SAM) are college students who are badass, smokes, and have lotsa sweet parties. SAMs, as they're referred to, are the masters of their domain, which is the snow, and will be found on the hill whenever there is one open and even when they're not! This is the most awesome degree known to mankind.
Ahh Son !!!! , IT'S A SAM THING ...
by SAM Man Son! December 07, 2009
A highly attractive male, often spotted sporting army pants, glasses and a ridiculous T-shirt with the stupidest scarf ever attached, who unfortunately claims to remain emotionally unavailable to the utter despair of the entire female population. A self-ascribed playwright who knows absolutely everything about philosophy and politics, at just 18 he will generally have conquered the world.
"Look at that pretentious git, what a Sam!"
by Turner4 March 19, 2013
A person with an unusually large ego whose thoughts are usually aimed towards masturbation and women. This person usually is with many women at a time. This person is also known to be a douche by his friends and to spread lies and can never keep a secret. He also brags excessively about his masturbation habits. This person also has received many blows to the groin area from women that he has cheated on.
Person 1: Woah dude, they broke up again. That dude's been with so many women!
Person 2: Ya I know right. He is totally a Sam.
by blogger453 February 19, 2013
Sam most common name ever usally you are named this because your paretnts dont give a shit about you and dont want to waste any effort in you. Sams are nerds with faggoty hair or styles most of them are lazy as hell making them fat as fuck. Sam nicknames super at masturbating, spam, softy, faggot, or Gay dumbass
Sam: approaching a girl
Girl: reject before he says hi
by rapeyomommmaq August 29, 2012