A mexican person who is relatively dumb, or a racial slur for mexican people.
White Kid:Hey S.A.M. what's up?
S.A.M.:Shut up asshole, I ain't stupid you cracka.
White Kid:Ok S.A.M.
by Johnny Cockex November 06, 2007
a really really incredibly massive pimple normally around the nose area
'omg i have a huge sam coming up' :(
by tissueelephant May 03, 2010
A common name for either a girl or a boy, usually used in english text like John Doe, Tom Dick and Harry to describe a nameless person but applies to both Male and Female rather than just male."
"Any word on our missing Sam"

"It could be any Sam here."
by Chad Pentenville October 25, 2007
the most amazing and gorgeous blerd on the planet :)
i love you so much, i always will <3
by avagambvager September 08, 2011
A common name given to women with an extreme sexual craving. (Whore) They are usually found walking the streets, either in search of chick or dicks. The name "Sam," is derived from the english word, "Sample." This is because many dicks are "sampled" before she settles on just one. These "women" are often are raised out of Manchester, NH.
That Sam has fucked the whole town. When do you think she will settle down?
by HollaAtYaGwalla January 20, 2010
Swag At Me
Get your SAM
by sexMONSTER????? April 29, 2009
One of the great Viking Lords of the 9th century, a very gay man. A revolutionary in the world of the gay, he was known to pass out lube and erotic gay paintings at every port he passed through. A drunkard, who smelled of rotting cats and mustard, that often destroyed villages with a swing of the genitalia and was renknowned for eating small children. He was married 16 times; 6 wives, 4 husbands, and 6 unknown creatures that were most likely eaten after the marriage. These marriages gave him 37 beautiful children, 13 of whom were fed to Sam fifer in order to calm him.
Do you have to do the history essay?
Yeah, what topic are you doing?
Sam fifer, the gay viking lord.
Yeah he was amazing.
by ebods678 February 28, 2008

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