Acronym for Stoned As a Motherfucker
I am SAM.

I love to eat while I am totally SAM.
by boomboombabyy October 23, 2011
If only he could see the girl of his dreams is near him right now. She loves him with all her heart. If only that sam loved her back.
Sam. The guy every guy wants to be, and the guy every girl wants.
by ilovesamx October 04, 2011
To Sam is to throw up after going on particularly spinney rides at a music festival
"wow i think you might be about to Sam everywhere"
"No i'll be fine i'm just gonna lie down"
*sams everywhere*
"told you so"
by swjmc August 16, 2011
Is beautiful from her beautiful eyes to her super duper cute laugh. I could not have asked for anything better. I love her so much
Sam could be sumed up smart cute gorgeous intelligent
by caf523 August 10, 2011
An boy whose lying is out of control. Says he's Russian but then, doesn't really prove it. He thinks his IQ is at genius level but, he's a high school drop out. In general, just a lying, full of himself, thinks he can have any girl he wants but is scared to even talk to one because he's afraid of rejection, asshole.
Sam Harrison
by hahahhah(: June 27, 2011
The sexiest gay man in the world. Even the extra-terrestrials can't compete with this fine sista.
by Elise Amina May 12, 2011
A bit of a loser, who likes to think he's cool. The type that thinks Star Wars Gaming is the new rave. Always has THE hottest girlfriend that all of the guys want. Demanding in bed ;). But all in all an alright kind of guy. The loveable type that you'd be lucky to have. :)
I want a Sam like that. ;)
by Lucky1991 November 04, 2008
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