usually a stupid fuck who tells people he loves them then leaves them with in a few weeks. normally isnt very intelligent, and is very unattractive. NOBODY! likes him because hes a gay douche.
girl 1- ew look at him!
girl 2- he looks just like a sam!
by samual hater December 29, 2011
an extremely short midget who is completely obsessed with asians and their tic-tac sized weiners
quit being a sam and go for the big ones
by sonicgen October 05, 2011
the biggest manwhore in rustburg. loves to lie and play games, been with lori for awhile but still fucks around with anything he can fuck. Fat ugly chunky loose whore..he fucks them all. His dick controls him and its disgusting. One boy you cannot trust, he has problems. Grosss
girl, i got drunk and hooked up with sam calohan last night" "oh girl i did too! that nasty" "gross girl, and look lori is still with him" "poor girl" "plus his dick wasnt even good!
by anonymousbaybaye December 17, 2010
this is a name given to a person such as sam cam.samhantha.this name is only given to the best people on earth.these people usally are in love with thier best example?nicole.or amanda.eaither or.these people know how to kick ass and are good at it example?ricky.these kinds of people always look example?buying things from vacation that thier mothers would never approve of.this is what it is like to be a sam.are you a sam?is your mom a sam?i wish i was a sam.
by nuggget December 08, 2010
a stupid hooker that loves to steal guys from girls. she is very unattractive and man like, but she is a total slut that will have your man in a maximum of a week. watch out for any sams, they are the worst. liking her statuses makes her very very upset, and i think it is quite hilarious. they are very fond of STD's, and are totally slutty in a mannish kind of manner. they will pretend to be your friend and get to know you, just so they can find out who you like and date them. do NOT trust them with anything. she will fuck any guy and suck their cock with pleasure. they do not brush their teeth and sort of may resemble a fat, stupid, hairy twat. guys like her for her boobs, and they like her because she will put out on the first date. she thinks going around fucking every guy is "mature." she deserves to get a large ass-whooping and all of her secrets told. so that shall be done. yes. so that, my friend, is the definition of "sam."
oh dude, shes about to pull a sam.
watch out for her, shes such a sam!!
by chodely November 25, 2010
sam, a beautiful athlete that is real cute and is at the same time really cool and real athletic.

sams are most of the time bestfriends with sias.
but sams are just better because they're cuter and better at sports.
coach: you have to do better than this !!
athlete: i wish i was a sam.
by coolded10 October 22, 2011
These people are often known to be small and have rat like features, they also have a secret obsession with other boys and like to scamper round at night into peoples houses looking for left over food.
Matt: What the fuck is that in my mouse trap ?!?!

Ross: Oh, Don't worry, That's just a Sam.
by Sarah Tool Scurr June 17, 2010

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