The act of two or more people named Sam hooking up with the same person through the course of one night
Woah! Sam and Sam Sam'd Madi last night!
by ExtremelyLargeNubblies February 22, 2013
A girl who pretends to be stupid for attention or makes a big deal and are proud of something that makes them a whore or a slut. Everybody knows someone who is a Sam.
"Oh my god, she's such a Sam."
"I was going to go to that party, but I don't want to hang out with a bunch of Sams."
"Kayla spent an hour talking about how she slept with three different guys last night. She's such a Sam."
by CallMeAlice November 03, 2012
One who prefers the sexual company of inanimate objects, usually stuffed animals.
Did you see what that man is doing over there? He's definitely a Sam.
by Carolina B23 January 21, 2012
Another word for a nugget obsession
"I love chicken nuggets"
"you are totally a Sam"
by Memeneme November 23, 2011
short ass motherfucker
"ya i went to the club last night and it was full of S.A.M.'s"
by lenamay March 31, 2010
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