My best friend, Parker, mom's abbreviation for Sex, Alcohol and Drugs.
"And remember Nikki, No S.A.D. !"
by ballinbreese December 11, 2008
S.A.D can mean suck a dick
guy 1. hey issac! S.A.D
by Da Kurlzz September 02, 2008
Single's Awareness Day. It takes place on the 14th of February. It is for all of the single people in this world who can't find a lover for Valentines day.
Joe: Hey you got a date for Valentines day?

Chris: No Lucy doesn't like me so I'm celebrating S.A.D.
by #5wag February 14, 2013
American Slang. (n.)
1. A bearded retard.
2. Grown man who cries when teased by his peers.
3. An unloved child.
4. A batting practice pitcher.
5. A guy who still waits tables even after he graduates college.
Who likes S.A.D.? No one.
by Zeus Graham February 04, 2009
Styrene Asshole Dipsticks:
A group of plastic modelers who will bash anyone with any imagination, and the ability to think outside of the box, and ignore instructions provided to them by the manufacturer.
See also: jmn
This guy is a S.A.D. :

admit to still being somewhat skeeved by these "Luft '46" alternate histories. Coming up with all sorts of scenarios, just to put victory markings on a model of an aircraft that never saw production (or was even built, in some cases.)

Excellent build, first rate. Could've done without the rest of that crap.
by cthulhu77 July 15, 2008
1) adjective: unhappy, miserable.
2) adverb: describing an action as being really unfair or uncalled for and totally and utterly pathetic.
1) I was sad when my fish died.

2) Dumping someone by sms text message is just sad.
by charlottem1 July 16, 2005
An acronym for Small Asian Dick. The antonym for Big Black Dick
Bob: He probably has a BBD
Gillette: But he's Asian...
Bob: Oh yeah; he probably has a SAD
by Drew714 April 17, 2013

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