Suck A Dick
person 1: 'your a wasteman'
person 2: 'SAD mother fucker'
by Eldubbio July 25, 2011
A part of speech that can be prefixed, suffixed or infixed to any word in order to emphasise the level of pathetic being described. For example, it can be used to diss computer games, eg. World of Sadcraft, Call of Sadness. Or, it can be incorporated into someone's name: Have you seen Sadathan (Jonathan) or Sadtricia (Patricia) lately?
Dude 1: You're such a bad skater, you should give it up
Dude 2: I know - I totally failed on my sadboard yesterday
by Silversword May 11, 2011
To talk to someone on the internet whilst sitting right next to them.
"im currently in gemmas room, talking to gemma online whilst leaving gemma facebook comments" - Sad
by Barry Wilkins November 18, 2007
1. Pathetic.
2. Said when someone does something annoying or is being a cunt.
1. "You wank 10 times a day? That's sad."
2. "Fuck Off, sad cunt."
by Diego August 17, 2003
pathetic or boring.
this site is sad
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
Male ejaculate. Sticky stuff. 'säda' is the verb.
bagarn sädade i soffan.
det är säd i bagarns soffa.
by ap January 16, 2003
Pa's attempt at proving they are superior, when clearly they are desperate for members. Seeing as a large chunk don't meet requirements.
Man you know that clan PA or whatever? A member in there clan named legacy or something is "sad".
by Sefket February 01, 2008

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