acronym that stands for smash and dash!
yo look at that girl!
i'm tyrna S.A.D.!!
by jaycock June 15, 2008
1. The acoynym term pronounced "Suck A Dick" or "S.A.D." - thus directing an individual to participate in fellatio or give a blow job

2. A way of dissin' someone. To communicate disrepect
Yo guy, why don't you go S.A.D.
by Manigma April 13, 2006
an acronym for: Suck A Dick

Pronunciation: ES-UH-DEE
-"Hey Joe wanna hang out?"
-"Why don't you go S-A-D Jim."
-"If you didn't want to hang out you could have just said so."

which is an insult meaning go suck a dick or leave me alone in other words
by r4wrmsmh July 24, 2008
SAD (Acronym) Severe Appearance Deficit.
Politically correct terminology for ugly.
That is one S.A.D. chick/dude. He look like a hemorroid on roadkill.
by Randeec April 26, 2006
short for Suck A D
aka suck a dick

mostly used on papers and stuff like that so ppl dont know what you are saying and you dont get in trouble.
ex: on my math test by my name i put S.A.D.

by john and G December 03, 2005
Small Ass Dick
Paul and Walls are SAD.
by Long Ass DICKK April 30, 2015
A phenomena that occurs on a psychoactive substance in which the consumer starts tearing regardless of actual genre of emotion. Sometimes specifically associated with some sort of perceived insight experience. This phrase is often elaborated upon with an additional phrase describing the intensity in terms of sadness. The more sad sounding the additional description, the more intense/pleasant the experience.
Trevor: Where's Moonflower?
Chad: She's in Peru getting sad with some shaman in the jungle.

Latricia: Hey bro, recreational sadness tomorrow?
Todd: Chee, lets get Tom Hanks when he lost Wilson in Castaway sad.

Tom: How were those psychoactive substances?
Phil: I got kinda "observing child abuse at Walmart." But last time was straight up "Hotel Rwanda" sad.

Periwinkle Sunshine: OMG I'm so jealous, how was ayahuasca?
Becky: OMG like my body was like having waves of like full body orgasms, and then like i felt the lights like inside me and like my intestines were like gargling and then i exploded out of both ends and then I like looked back down on my body, and i was like hella "4 hours of ASPCA commercials."
by Booftastical69 November 03, 2013

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