SEX AFFORDABILITY DYNAMIC....One more reason why it's better to be rich.As a straight man...once you get over the age of 25...if you're not rich or famous...generally speaking the quality of pussy you're able to fuck levels off.In fact it quite probably nosedives.The "young n'dumb n'drunk" MIGHT do you...But the "young n'sober/ambitious n'hot" will probably pass.This would explain why Average Joe in his mid-to late 20's claims to really dig older women.That's all that'll do your mediocre ass.
GYM MANAGER:"Unbelievable!This guy who just joined is uglier than the bottom of my shoe...but he walked in with this total babe."

FEEX GUY:"Must be the Bentley GT they pulled up in.Tsk's S.A.D."
by L.MARTIN November 04, 2005
1) adjective: unhappy, miserable.
2) adverb: describing an action as being really unfair or uncalled for and totally and utterly pathetic.
1) I was sad when my fish died.

2) Dumping someone by sms text message is just sad.
by charlottem1 July 16, 2005
Of farts, Silent And Deadly.
Jimmy just let one rip, and it's S.A.D.
by Fearman August 29, 2007
Seasonal Affective Disorder. The condition of being grumpy and/or depressed in the wintry months.
I'm sad.
You have SAD! Here are some drugs.
by Stefan November 21, 2003
An acronym meaning "Suck a Dick". It can be used to insult or display your rage at somebody without them understanding what you mean.
A: So yesterday I fucked your gf and shit
B: Sad...
by Danappelxx May 19, 2013
1) A nicer way of saying no or Hell no.
Are you going to my party tonight,


He said he is going to beat you up,

by spaceace10 January 11, 2010
S stands for suck. A stands for A. D stands for D aka dick as in you suck a dick.
bitch you s.a.d.
originated in the southern part of new jersey where da bitches be. best state in the union.
by Johnny R. Spoons January 16, 2008

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