S - Sexy
W - With
A - A bit of
G - Gangster
Justin Bieber's got major swag!
Lil Wayne has swag!!
Swag's so mean.
by heyyheyybabyy September 05, 2011
Something We Asians Got. That is was Swag means
Swag of Asian people :]
by SomeAznKiddo May 14, 2011
Stuff We Asians Got
Person 1: dude, how can he fix that computer?
Person 2: man don't you know? he's got that S.W.A.G.
by a typical asian March 29, 2011
The coolness, being, or personality of something. Your 'Swag' is how you represent yourself. A shortened form of Swagger, or Swagga.
What'chu talkin bout'? You ain't got no swag.
by Hoco Slicka February 09, 2011
someone who is fly or who caries themselves in a confident way.
Did you see the way he was rocking those earrings? He definitely has swag.
by mac mayne500 November 27, 2010
A positive term used to describe the way one carries him or herself; an atmosphere of "coolness"
"Man, what a guy, that Kevin. He's got so much swag!"

"Oh snap, son! Kevin is swaggin~"

"Kevin was swaggin it out on the dance floor last night. What a swagger"

Man 1: Nukka, plz! Quit actin like you got swag. You

ain't Kevin Choe!
Man 2: You're right, i'm sorry. Now i feel like a fool.....
Man 1: You should just jump off that bridge
by Kstuh June 21, 2010
Andrew Marcey
Man #1: Dude its Andrew Marcey
Man #2: His nickname is Swag
by letsgetitbrodi May 06, 2010

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