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a man who enjoys wearing tight clothing shoping for jewelery ,long walks in the park and fucking other men.
stephen f is a gaybo he rode ross last night
by robert f June 01, 2004
1. extremely gay
2. a neighbor/friend who used to be your friend but has now become too cool to associate with you
Trey used to be really cool, now he's just a stuck up gaybo.
by Jaime Capelo March 19, 2004
Individual who combines both key aspects of being clumsy and gay.
*Person 1 drops plate*

Person 1: Whoopsie!

Person 2: You're such a Gaybo.

Person 1: Doi I am Jiff
by AdvancedBookingsOnly January 25, 2013
Homosexual nickname for your brother.
My older brother doesn't fancy girls. He prefers the fine art of pork sword swallowing. He's a right gaybo! you know, its like you have lesbo's but he's a bloke, so he is a gaybo
by zag lightyear May 18, 2012
someone with homosexual tendencies
Look at jon the gaybo, he's touching steve's cock
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
A person that acts or performs gay actions
Cara is gay. She dykes it out with her girlfriend
by Lil Italy March 10, 2004
that guy with a dick in his ass is such a gaybo!
that guy with a dick in his ass is such a gaybo!
by Anonymous August 27, 2003