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a man who enjoys wearing tight clothing shoping for jewelery ,long walks in the park and fucking other men.
stephen f is a gaybo he rode ross last night
by robert f June 01, 2004
1. extremely gay
2. a neighbor/friend who used to be your friend but has now become too cool to associate with you
Trey used to be really cool, now he's just a stuck up gaybo.
by Jaime Capelo March 19, 2004
someone with homosexual tendencies
Look at jon the gaybo, he's touching steve's cock
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
Homosexual nickname for your brother.
My older brother doesn't fancy girls. He prefers the fine art of pork sword swallowing. He's a right gaybo! you know, its like you have lesbo's but he's a bloke, so he is a gaybo
by zag lightyear May 18, 2012
The word Gaybo does not mean someone that is gay , it simply means someone is acting like an idiot or being cheap. people find offensive if you say you're being so gay and so instead saying gay, say Gaybo. I would use the word mostly while you're playing a game and you're really mad at someone.
You freaking gaybo you pushed me out of the way I was about to get a goal
by Hannahlcarson August 20, 2015
Individual who combines both key aspects of being clumsy and gay.
*Person 1 drops plate*

Person 1: Whoopsie!

Person 2: You're such a Gaybo.

Person 1: Doi I am Jiff
by AdvancedBookingsOnly January 25, 2013
Noun used to describe properties of one who is acting soppy or "lovydovey" (GAY*BOW)
Man: I love you!
Woman: Ahhh u big Gaybo!
by JohnnyP Hilderbrando October 19, 2007
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