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Standing for "Someone With A Grin"

SWAG is a rare salt of the earth kinda guy or gal.

The phrase SWAG is often used in friendship the is a term of endearment.
"You SWAG" "Where's the SWAG" "Who da SWAG" "You know when you've been SWAGGED" "That SWAG got swagger"
by naxair 85 January 19, 2010
3 18
another word for screwed, intercourse, had sex with. can be used in the past tense also, as "swagged"
"me and my wife have the best swag" OR "she swags me like no other bro."
by FR3$H&BOMB September 18, 2009
2 17
Samples, Wearables and Gifts!
Swag is free stuff for promotion
by KelB August 30, 2007
11 26
shit weed, barylly chronic
Man that swag hardly buzzed me.
by Nicky smoke smoke May 23, 2007
15 30
1.used to describe your loot(items stolen) from a robbery
3.fake,not real, not legit,not good.Can be used in a variety of contetxs this way
1.Got some great swag last night
2.That was a swag shot
3.Thats a swag nike tick on your shirt man
by Max SIlberhorn April 04, 2005
26 41
Scientific Wild-Ass Guess
"How did you figure out the meaning of life, Joe?"
"oh, I just made a swag and got lucky."
by Shwaggy December 03, 2003
21 36
Dirt weed, usally after smoking you recieve a bad high, headaches, no matter what if u can get nug instead of swag do it! i command you.
this stuff sucks!thats because its swag man.
by jim belps August 26, 2003
9 24