Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has a lot of SWAG
Dude, he made SWAG
by swagscout May 01, 2011
S (ex) W (ith) A (iden) G (rimshaw)
I've had SWAG and I really liked it but AG cheated on me with MC ...
by germanswagqueen April 19, 2011
Your overall character, the way u act, dress, everything about you. Swag is something you pride yourself on and you should always share your swag to others.
Dale, Colton, and Sam have awesome swag.
by swagmaster3657 September 23, 2010
A.K.A. Sex with a Goat.
Colby - "Duuuuuuude, I had a ridiculous amount of S.W.A.G. Last night"

Evan - "Dude...no...no...that's not pure."
by captainswag July 22, 2009
S tuff
W e
A ll
G et

Products put out by companies to advertise shit.
michal: "why do you have so many World of Warcraft tshirts, you dumbass? you are never getting laid."

tony: "...but this stuff is my swag."
by jtang January 20, 2008
your style when u comes to basket ball or just ya style by the way u repesent your self
1) oh that boy gotta nice swag on the court
2) yo, stop bitin off his sawg kid
by Serwezzy September 03, 2006
1. From the Scandinavian "svagga" meaning "to sway", often used when referring to a thief or hobo's booty as the bundle was often seen swaying on a stick.
2. A marketing acronym for "Stuff We All Get," referring to free giveaways.
1. The hobo laid down his head and swag in the railcar.
2. The Prime Minister doled out hand shakes and swag at the press conference.
by Mad Skilz June 29, 2005

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