used to describe something/someone that is cool.
Jeff: Wow dude you are wrecking in CoD right now.
Kyle: I know did you see that kill?
Jeff: Ya man that was swag
by Harpua89 November 23, 2009
The ability to make other people think you are cool.
He has no swag
by You are not The One June 08, 2009
SWAG ; Sundries, Wearables And Giveaways. A budget line item which was easily communicated as an acronym.
The budget for a trade show booth this year is higher than years past, Even the cost for freebies and SWAG has increased and will affect the quality of these items.
by mj lasky May 30, 2008
Souveniers, Wearables and Gifts
The campaign was donating SWAG to give to potential voters.
by Bruce Dennison March 25, 2004
Something that only the coolest people can possess. Something that makes you look sick. Without swag, you appear as a loser.
Ryan: Parker has so much swag
Parker: Yeah, but James has no swag!
James: Stop making fun of me!
by scoobyboy29 February 26, 2012
sex with a girl
"I'm sorry for having S.W.A.G. ;)"
"Sex with a girl?"
"Hell yesss!"
by youknowthisgirl December 12, 2011
Swag is a type of style that nobody in Oak Habor Washington has
Paris is the only place who has swag
by heynobodycaresaboutyou November 17, 2011

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