A kid who always comes in the clutch and knows how to dress. Has to have a nice watch and of course several pairs of shoes. Someone who has swag will have several friends who think they have it also when they really have none at all. Swag out.
Man, you see that Ryan kid? He's got some serious swag.
by swaggedout33 April 27, 2011
White girls from Utah.
Maddi Arnold got that swag.
by johnpup6 April 18, 2011
To fight someone and beat the fuck out of them after they talk shit/look at you.
Let's go swag those kids on the beach again.
by Green Street Hooligans April 11, 2011
It can mean many things depending on the infliction. Like Chinese.

Swag. (O.K., All right, Word)
Swaggg.*Sad Infliction* (Awwww.)
Swag?(What up?)
SWAG!(Hell yeah!)
Swaaaaag!! (WOOOOH!)
I'm finna dip.
Swag homie. Stay up.

I'm finna dip.
Swaggg. See you later.

What's swag girl?

by 102 Prod. January 17, 2011
The persperation released between a man's grundle and testicles.
I got to wipe my swag.
by IHatePickles4Life August 16, 2010
What you wear that identifies you as a certain social class. This word is primarily used by African-Americans or other race trying to "talk black"
Teyshawn: Yo check my bling out bitchez!!! (Gangsta Swag)

Ralph: This polo shirt will be perfect for my golfing trip on Saturday. (Preppy Swag)
by Got Swag? April 29, 2010

G- gangsterrr

" i know you got your swag walk on, but could you walk a bit faster?"
by tamaraf:) April 21, 2010
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