Stolen Without A Gun
My car was was just SWAG!! Help!
by Maxieboy616 January 03, 2010
Swag is when a person holds semen (AKA sperm, jizz, cum)
under their tongue for one minute, then swishes it thoroughly
around their mouth and gargles it.
Guy 1: Yo, I got swag.
Guy 2:...So you play with semen? Sick f*ck.
by Lexixel August 06, 2009
is the below average quality weed you might get or sell.
I was gonna get the dank, but all they had was the swag.
by Faruch July 01, 2009
The thing that makes everyone in a room stop what they are doing and pay attention to you. Everyone has a swag, the only problem is finding it. Swag can also be refered to as "Pimp Juice".
Man lil wayne's voice is awesome. I guess thats his swag.
by odeva May 18, 2009
stolen without a gun,a scam where one is separated from money or valuables without use of weapons
I expected to get some cheap weed from the corner dealer but he swag(ed) my ass and all I had was oregano!
by oceanloon March 31, 2009
Military scout sniper slang for "Sophisticated Wild Ass Guess"
Used when there is not enough time to make proper calculations for the exact shot.
The shooter will make an educated (sophisticated) guess as to the leading of the target, the range, wind, etc.
The hostiles were moving in too fast, I didnt have time to make the proper calculations, so I just estimated the lead and range on the target and hit him! - Nice damn SWAG man!
by Sion12 January 10, 2009
rubbish; not very good.
this shit is swag brov! these are swag ends blud.
by MAX MANNN November 27, 2007

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