Savannah Wet and Gagging
I got SWAG last night. She was wild.
by Nallers June 23, 2009
Often confused for meaning something is cool but in reality means the oppisite.
That is some swag ass weed you bought form that swag ass fucker swag smoker.
by passthesugar June 12, 2009
(noun) short for swagger, this word defines the epicness of a person(s); it can also describe an outstanding personality
ex. Wow! That guy is just so fun to talk to! He has so much swagger!
by bossofswaggertown September 11, 2012
Swag, the way one carries themselves, or in other words tripod and joshd&joshp ... they are pure sexed and run shit & are swaggerlicious doe. TOO MUCH SWAG, LIKE WHOA BRO. they'll blow you away , they got da maddest swag yaknow. #toostealthy
stranger: too much swag.
me: ikr
by jackingoffahorse December 10, 2011
Chris freakin Franchi
Chris Franchi has so much swag that he kills all girls with his swag walk and killer looks.
by xxfranchixx October 13, 2011
The way of living of which is shown by Esther.
1: "Yo I wish I had swag."
2: "Me too bro! You know who has it?"
1: "Of course, everyone knows."
1&2: "dat gurl Esther got some REAL swag!"
by SwaggaKyng33999 August 23, 2011
A casual way of referring to one's cellphone. Part of the vocabulary of a Hip Hop subculture popularised by rappers such as Whiz Khalifa and Kid Cudi.
Kurt: Dude have you seen Warren today?
Motse: Pass my swag dawg, I'll hit him on his IM

Kurt: Your what?
Motse: My cellphone...
by Zeroklone August 22, 2011

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