swag is swag if you dont get it your a gaper
by thegnarmaster September 18, 2011
the essence of having or possessing incredible amounts of swag. swag is self-referential therefore it can't be proven. swag just is; either you have it or you don't.
Guy 1: "How do i get swag?"
Guy 2: "You can't just go 'get' swag. It just happens one day. Or you could go get a bitchin snapback."
by MaxPeck September 13, 2011
Something young african men have and are born with.
oh that guy from africa, PETER has just too much swag, its blinding.
by toomuchswag2222 August 30, 2011
Style.Without.Admitting.Greatness. Expressing your lifestyle and personality through fashion in a way that doesn't overdo it.
Guy #1: Yo check out that dude
Guy # 2: Oh shiet, he has mad swag going on
by Damola.Ajisafe July 23, 2011
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly is the definition of swag.
by swagmonsterrrrrr July 14, 2011
ultimate dope-ness
hey man, you know those guys nellie and hollie, they're so swag!
by heyman690 July 07, 2011
sometthin we Americans got
Swag me out broo
by $\/\/@& June 23, 2011

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