the way in which you present yourself. The ability to walk into a situation and immediately being complemented on style
Chucky walked into the room and people began to talk to him because of his SWAG. While that was going on, a girl named zoe with a very small, almost sand spec sized amount of what she calls #swag, was in the corner watching community all by herself.
by johnnytacos October 18, 2011
Vomited up methadone which is then sold to be taken as methadone, in liquid broken down form. Often used to pay for prostitutes by drug addicts.
Hooker:What do you have?

Drug Addict: I got some swag.

Hooker: Thats good for 20 minutes
by phillyswagger October 16, 2011
Doing what you want, when you want, and how you want to do it.
James did his homework last night the exact way the teacher asked him to...he don't have no motherfuckin' swag.
by KENADREA October 15, 2011
Itachi Uchiha
Dude: Watch my swag, home skillet!

Dudette: That's intense! You might as well be Itachi Uchiha himself!
by You know what it is! August 17, 2011
Danny Puig's orange bookbag.
WOW! look at that kid Danny, he has so much swag.
by tumadre!!! August 14, 2011
Freckles and brownish blond hair. Also a laxer
Dude did you see mackenzies swag? it couldnt even be contained in one room!
by lax2wice April 29, 2011
Sex With A Grenade
Was used on Jersey Shore. And if you live under a rock a grenade is an ugly chick.
1: Dude, thats so swag.
2: Do you even know what that means anymore? Sex with a grenade. Come on GET WITH IT MAIINEE!

3:Mmm that chick thinks we want some swag tonight.
4: Better get the grenade whistle out.
by CARO. January 26, 2011
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