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Cool, in a rugged wrong-side-of-the-tracks way. Comes from the S.E. Hinton novel The Outsiders. Oppose preppie, and differs significantly from tough.
You ain't tuff, and you never will be, ya preppie!
by ke6isf March 23, 2004
Means sharp, cool, wicked awesome, etc.It's a compliment to call someone or something tuff. Used in S.E. Hintons Tuff book The Outsiders.
Johnny: Man, that is a tough car. Mustangs, huh, they're tuff.


Jen: You know Pat?
Meg: Yeah, he's pretty tuff.
#cool #sharp #tough #awesome #sweet
by Megh October 29, 2006
Something cool. It's used in the movie The Outsiders. The greasers use it as they talk about mustangs.
1. That mustang over there is tuff.
2. Socials always have tuff mustangs
3. Man, that mustang's tuff.
#the #outsiders #mustang #cool #movie
by aznxdenim March 18, 2007
when somethin' is bangin, sick, nice, hot
yo ya car tuff as shit
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
Tuff has the same meaning as 'tough.' However the word is spelt out t-u-f-f to emphasise how tough (hard, rough, strong, badass) something is.

Rebekah: "wow I love these shoes, they are so tough, I love that style. "
Camille: "No, they are TUFF, T-U-F-F, not just ordinary tough."
#tuff #emphasise #tough #t-u-f-f #hard #strong #badass
by 123456709837593 January 29, 2009
New Zealand slang for strong/butch. Often opposed with weak.
e.g. Me what??

You what??
#tuff #me #you #what #weak
by Res373733793 June 28, 2007
When your fish eats other fish for breakfast.
That's so tuff.
#tough #tuff #fish #tuf #iraq
by Mr Cooler June 19, 2010
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