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Cool, in a rugged wrong-side-of-the-tracks way. Comes from the S.E. Hinton novel The Outsiders. Oppose preppie, and differs significantly from tough.
You ain't tuff, and you never will be, ya preppie!
by ke6isf March 23, 2004
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Means sharp, cool, wicked awesome, etc.It's a compliment to call someone or something tuff. Used in S.E. Hintons Tuff book The Outsiders.
Johnny: Man, that is a tough car. Mustangs, huh, they're tuff.


Jen: You know Pat?
Meg: Yeah, he's pretty tuff.
by Megh October 29, 2006
Something cool. It's used in the movie The Outsiders. The greasers use it as they talk about mustangs.
1. That mustang over there is tuff.
2. Socials always have tuff mustangs
3. Man, that mustang's tuff.
by aznxdenim March 18, 2007
When your fish eats other fish for breakfast.
That's so tuff.
by Mr Cooler June 19, 2010
Little stray hairs that form the shape of a bun on the top of ones head. Willy Wonka was the pioneer of this look.
Hey dude...sick tuffs.

Yo Willy let me touch your tuffs.

Dude you got tuffs on your head like Willy Wonka.
by wonkagirl January 05, 2014
adjective Slang for tough

difficult to perform, accomplish, or deal with; hard trying, or troublesome. It could also be used as a slang meaning remarkably excellent; first-rate; great.
All the glasses broke, we have such a tuff problem.
by la gran mini lechuza November 18, 2009
'Tuff' is the level/rating scale of how hot a chick is.

It is determined by the number of "f's" you give to her:

2 "F's" is the standard for a hot chick,
1 "F" is for a decent chick
0/No "F's" is for fat, ugly, gangly, or lurpy chicks.

***Occasionally 3 "F's" is thrown out there for an absolute knockout, but should be reserved only for someone you would leave your wife for.***
While walking down the street, you see a hot chick and shout out either to your buddies or yourself:

"2 F's" or "Tuff!" or "T-U-Double F"-->Hot chick
"1 F" -->Decent chick
"No F's" -->Fat chick
by LogicalSarcasm July 20, 2010

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