A word niggers use to try and finally, after a hundred years, create something original, but sadly, it already has an original meaning. So black people stay unoriginal, up to this day.
Look at those stupid niggers thinking they have swag because they wear skinny jeans.
by Doobers. October 19, 2010
your style , or the way you carry yourself .
if you have alot of swagg - you look like jessica clippinger :D
''lil wayne has bright swagg''
'' so bright , i can get a tan off of it ''
by imcooll202 September 26, 2010
verb - "to swag" means "to have sex with"
I want to swag that girl.
by RampageTM September 08, 2010
Stands for "Shit We Always Get"
ahh shit.... This is all the same SWAG we got last year!
by gangsta022 August 27, 2010
An estimation. Stands for "scientific wild ass guess." Primarily used among the military, especially snipers when they are taking a shot and need to calculate proper bullet trajectory.

S scientific

W wild

A ass

G guess
Spotter: Shit there's our target. Calculate wind, distance, and bullet trajectory.

Sniper: No time, I'll just SWAG it.
by turtlegates December 30, 2009
Savannah Wet and Gagging
I got SWAG last night. She was wild.
by Nallers June 23, 2009
Often confused for meaning something is cool but in reality means the oppisite.
That is some swag ass weed you bought form that swag ass fucker swag smoker.
by passthesugar June 12, 2009

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