Something that only the coolest people can possess. Something that makes you look sick. Without swag, you appear as a loser.
Ryan: Parker has so much swag
Parker: Yeah, but James has no swag!
James: Stop making fun of me!
by scoobyboy29 February 26, 2012
sex with a girl
"I'm sorry for having S.W.A.G. ;)"
"Sex with a girl?"
"Hell yesss!"
by youknowthisgirl December 12, 2011
Swag is a type of style that nobody in Oak Habor Washington has
Paris is the only place who has swag
by heynobodycaresaboutyou November 17, 2011
Walrus plus super slope or sheer amazingness
by Comando8270 October 04, 2011
swag is swag if you dont get it your a gaper
by thegnarmaster September 18, 2011
the essence of having or possessing incredible amounts of swag. swag is self-referential therefore it can't be proven. swag just is; either you have it or you don't.
Guy 1: "How do i get swag?"
Guy 2: "You can't just go 'get' swag. It just happens one day. Or you could go get a bitchin snapback."
by MaxPeck September 13, 2011
Something young african men have and are born with.
oh that guy from africa, PETER has just too much swag, its blinding.
by toomuchswag2222 August 30, 2011

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