Swag, the way one carries themselves, or in other words tripod and joshd&joshp ... they are pure sexed and run shit & are swaggerlicious doe. TOO MUCH SWAG, LIKE WHOA BRO. they'll blow you away , they got da maddest swag yaknow. #toostealthy
stranger: too much swag.
me: ikr
by jackingoffahorse December 10, 2011
Chris freakin Franchi
Chris Franchi has so much swag that he kills all girls with his swag walk and killer looks.
by xxfranchixx October 13, 2011
The way of living of which is shown by Esther.
1: "Yo I wish I had swag."
2: "Me too bro! You know who has it?"
1: "Of course, everyone knows."
1&2: "dat gurl Esther got some REAL swag!"
by SwaggaKyng33999 August 23, 2011
A casual way of referring to one's cellphone. Part of the vocabulary of a Hip Hop subculture popularised by rappers such as Whiz Khalifa and Kid Cudi.
Kurt: Dude have you seen Warren today?
Motse: Pass my swag dawg, I'll hit him on his IM

Kurt: Your what?
Motse: My cellphone...
by Zeroklone August 22, 2011
Swag is an acronym used by the rap group "NWA" which stood for Silly White Angry Gays.
Did you see that team of swag protesting in order to earn the right for gay marriage?
by ispit fire August 19, 2011
the correct acronym of S.W.A.G is "Shit We oughtA Get"
I worked the Super Bowl this year and I got some really cool swag from the NFL. OR I went to this trade show and they gave out some really cool bags as gifts. Great SWAG!
by TJNAILS July 28, 2011
its something that every guy should have. its the part of a guy that makes him sexy in his own way. you dont got swag no gurls gunna wanna look at chu. swag is how you carry yourself, how you interact with ppl and also how you look . get your own swag and dont be a biter.
*girl looks at guy at the mall*

girl 1 : dammmmmn hes got swag(;
girl 2 : yee he's fineeee
by guuurlsbehindthereddoor July 23, 2011

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