SWAG is the way you carry yourself around other homosexuals. To swag you must be able to walk with your pants around your ankles, that way other swaggers can recognize you behind the shades and the tilted snapback, two key accessories that make up the SWAG uniform. Swag is larger than life and should translate to everything you do, the way you talk, act, EVERYTHING. The main purpose is to be credited as a fresh, clean and fly individual. A victim of SWAG tends to draw a lot of attention to themselves, just like a car accident or a wildfire.
Swag fool: "I’m so fly!"
Random person: "Shut the f** up!"
by swag wag October 26, 2015



Justin beiber says it alot like in is song boyfriend,

Swag Swag Swag on you
by klolkloh November 11, 2014
1. (n)- a person's douche quotient
2. (adj.)- an object that will likely increase a person's douche quotient (in form swaggy)
3. an interjection commonly used to increase one's douche quotient
When Bob wore his swaggy snapback, everyone thought he was a douche.
by amused_lemon November 02, 2014
A fucking obnoxious, piece of shit word used by fucking obnoxious, piece of shit little kids who think they know anything about the world but in reality, all they know is New World Order brainwashing and Luciferian Illuminati symbolism that they see in ridiculous music videos, causing them to flash Luciferian occult gang signs they don't even understand and speak utterances like “SWAG, YOLO!” instead of speaking English words. When asked what the fuck this even means, they will continue speaking some more indoctrinated Common Core occult incantations—again, they are unaware of this—while applying their Egyptian-themed winged eyeliner to look like some stupid Lady Gaga whore.
My annoying cunt of a little sister walked by my room and instead of saying “hi” or something like an actual person, she just goes “SWAG!” and does like this Eye of Horus hand sign… god, my sister is a stupid little cunt.
by ImGonnaPutAStopToThis October 10, 2014
A term used by the mafia that means stolen merchandise.it can also be a term used by the white people who ware sideways hats and say "yo" frequently. Stay away from these people.
Wise guy 1: 'ay Donnie,nice suit. Where'd ya get it?

Wise guy 2: fughedaboutit, it's swag.
by pseudonymousR August 27, 2014
Something untalented people made up to make themselves feel better. Of course it caught on and now everyone wants to be swag.
Man, that guy is swag!
Yeah, he's gonna be flipping my patties one day
by Shotsh3rry March 30, 2014
Something Justin Bieber doesn't have.
Justin Bieber: "I HAVE SO MUCH SWAG!"

Me: "No you don't, just stop."
by SlothsAreCoool January 19, 2014
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