A word that originally meant "free stuff." But some rapper used it in a song, and is now the #1 most used word ever. Basically means you sag your pants and wear sideways hats.
Guy 1: I got so much swag!
Guy 2: Please shut up.
by nope.avi June 14, 2013
A word that a ton of weird ass peopleuse when they're trying to be cool but really means Secretely We Are Gay. Th term swag was used in the 1960s in america by gay people who would secretly meet but almost everyone who says it is a dumbass that has no clue wtf it really means
Friend: SWAG!
Me: OMG! I had no clue u were gay!
by Random Person123456 June 07, 2013
Used by people who think they've got 'swaaag'.
Fun Fact: Swag is actually code for Secretly We Are Gay. It was invented by a group of gay men in hollywood in the 1960's on posters to invite people to Gay orgies.

Remind someone of that when they say 'I've got Swaaaag' and are acting like a dick.
"Damn, I got Swag!"

"Dude, you know what it means right?"

**googles it***

"Aww shiittt!! I got NO swag!"
by Purple-Ketchup April 21, 2013
An Aura Of Gayness.
Some Phrases Relevant to Swag, "You are the King of the Douches", "You must have Bought your Clothes Second Hand", "I can See Your butt whole".
by Nsaasn October 06, 2012
The ability to look like an idiot with 'obey' snapbacks and a tumblr account also saying 'i have a big heart' 'i may not have strongest muscles but i have a heart and that's all that matters' and just generally being a faggot and also being a yolo idiot.
Hey Girls...Uhmmm did you know?....that your heart...belongs with me because i have swag and wear hightops...(all done with a snapback on)
by Fine_by_me September 20, 2012
Swag is an acronym used by a group of men in the U.S.A. during the 60s that means...

S- Secretly
W- We
A- Are
G- Gay
Unknowing Jerk That Everyone Hates: I've got so much SWAG

Knowing Person: Yes. Yes you do.
by TotallyAwesome July 21, 2012
A way insipid, vulgar, idiots present themselves. Summarized as the opposite of class.
"I Gott Swag Likee A Boss, Niqqa!"

An illiterate dumbass with his pants around his knees, and wearing a backwards pointing snapback who tends to listen to Lil Wayne, T.I. Chris Brown, and Drake.
by LOLZname July 15, 2012

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