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A word that a ton of weird ass peopleuse when they're trying to be cool but really means Secretely We Are Gay. Th term swag was used in the 1960s in america by gay people who would secretly meet but almost everyone who says it is a dumbass that has no clue wtf it really means
Friend: SWAG!
Me: OMG! I had no clue u were gay!
by Random Person123456 June 07, 2013
Teacher: where did you get that answer from?
me: it was a SWAG
by dboyfromdahood May 13, 2013
SWAG is an acronym meaning "Stuff We All Get." The term was created by convention regulars to describe all the stuff they get whenever they go to conventions. There's good SWAG (cool freebies, drinks, etc.) and bad SWAG (flyers, useless information printouts, ads, and business cards).

SWAG is not to be confused with "swag" which is abbreviated from "swagger". "swag" in this context is used to describe a style, a strut, a brag, a boast, or a vaunt.
Geek 1: I just got back from E3!
Geek 2: Cool! So did you get anything?
Geek 1: Mostly SWAG.

Fan 1: I'm going to a large Star Wars convention this weekend. Want to go?
Fan 2: Sure. Is there going to be SWAG?
Fan 3: Definitely!
by Hydra9268 May 03, 2013
Used by people who think they've got 'swaaag'.
Fun Fact: Swag is actually code for Secretly We Are Gay. It was invented by a group of gay men in hollywood in the 1960's on posters to invite people to Gay orgies.

Remind someone of that when they say 'I've got Swaaaag' and are acting like a dick.
"Damn, I got Swag!"

"Dude, you know what it means right?"

**googles it***

"Aww shiittt!! I got NO swag!"
by Purple-Ketchup April 21, 2013
The most annoying fucking word you will ever hear.
Guy 1: Yo, I got total swag
Guy 2: (Smashes Guy 1's head with a hammer)
by Someperson3435 April 20, 2013
The most overused word in the English language
Guy:We're through. Pack yo shit and leave.
by Swagfag101 February 08, 2013
It does NOT mean 'Secretly we are gay'. Morons.

Origins:While many common terms have entered the English language as acronyms. only rarely did that phenomenon occur prior to the mid-twentieth century. Yet that fact stops few from reaching for acronymic explanations for a variety of far older words, especially in instances where the true etymologies aren't crystal clear.

Swag is one such misunderstood word. Some of the acronymic explanations for it that we've encountered are:

- Secretly We Are Gay
- Stuff We All Get
- Stuff We Ain't Got
- Scientific Wild Arsed Guess
- Sold Without A Guarantee

Not surprisingly, none of those explanations is correct. The word 'swag' is not an acronym, nor has it anything to do with homosexual men surreptitiously attracting like-minded souls to partake of a group activity. It is instead a corruption of the Scandinavian "svagga", meaning "to rock unsteadily or lurch" and entered the English language in the 13th or 14th century, with its earliest print sighting dating to 1303. Over time its meaning evolved into that of "hanging loosely or heavily, to sag," and by 1794 picked up the additional meanings of "booty or plunder" and "a hanging wreath or garland."

In current common usage, swag has a number of meanings:

- Illegally obtained goods.

- Free stuff
- A decorative garland hung in such a way that loops of it hang freely.
Man: Look at that dude's clothes, he has Swag.


Man: Let's see what swag you have from robbing that house.
by BelialTempter February 04, 2013