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the word SWAG is just a newer word for cool which was made famous by rapper soulja boy although some people say it means differennt things
secretly we are gay something we all got something we asains got soulja with all gold etc
as of lately theres roomers secretly we are gay is the official meaning mostly by people who dont have it cause the word is often spelled with 2 g's which would cancel out those meanigs so with it S.W.A.G.G iSay it has no meaning its just another word for cool many people say the word is over used and old but it is still used swagg went from a word to a movement so now its it's owne music genre with artists such as soulja boy tyler the creator lil b asap rocky etc yu may hear the word swagg used often by rappers like 2chainz lil wayne t.i. and you will hear it by teenagers or young adults but as of recent words like steeze meaning cool and sushi which is like raw used by rappers from ocean gang and other artists but those words have not came in just yet and soulja boy has used the word many times in the song P.A.P.E.Rbut back to swagg this post was to say people who say swagg dont be scared to say it cause people who have no style say it means your gay it means what ever you make it as far as tight jeans or loose shirts every1 has they're own swagg never let anybody change you or what you say never make decisions cause other people do what you believe in and stay true to yourself
that shirts swagg
iGot most swagg
i Am swagg
sushi all over me
im feelin like sushi
bro that shirts sushi
thats raw

i got steeze
by iGotWisdomNSwag4SaleSouljaGang October 02, 2012

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