The most annoying and overused word ever that is mostly used by every single fucking teenager on the face of Earth. If not used by them, then little kids say it. Its actual meaning is Secretly We Are Gay
I just broke my arm,Swag

I just pissed my pants,Swag

I have swag, Swag
by silmaril93 April 03, 2015
S= Secretly

W= We
A= Are
G= Gay
We are so SWAG if you know what i mean ;)
by GTA_lover99 March 30, 2015
An incredibly stupid person or a doofus. Most people us this word in the wrong sense.
Person 1:I have so much swag
Person 2: So you mean your a doofus?
by George Lohan February 26, 2015
A word for losers use to feel better
Person 1: Man your such a loser.

Person 2: No its called swag.

Person 1: No its being a loser
by michael_bos70 February 06, 2015
Possibly the most hideous sounding word conceivable. Not only does it hurt my tongue to say, it also fills my stomach with a horrible nauseating feeling. Swag is a word synonymous with the absolute lowest societies. Those with swagger choose to wear only the most trashy clothes and scorn sophistication as well as good taste in general. They are the very embodiment of Nietzsche's slave morality!
After he claimed to have "swag," I lost all respect for him entirely.
by Prince_Steven January 04, 2015
A word that has been used far too much. Supposed to mean coolness or something silly like that. You probably don't have swag since you are look it up, which believe me, by the standards of other people I know who 'have swag'. is just fine.
Joe: I have soo much swag! SWAG FOR THE WIN!
Alai: You're giving me a headache, Joe.
by Lollipoplicker January 01, 2015
Those faggot queer people who wear basketball shorts, nike shirts, those shitty elite socks, and those gay basketball shoes. Usually plays basketball and thinks he's a ladies man although hes probably a gaybo in disguise. Generally one of those people who says they fucked your mom when you beat them in Call of Duty.

Person: "You must be a Swag."
by Long-Sleeve Pants November 29, 2014

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