A word for losers use to feel better
Person 1: Man your such a loser.

Person 2: No its called swag.

Person 1: No its being a loser
by michael_bos70 February 06, 2015
A term parents use to try and sound "hip" and "cool" so that they can be "in the now" it's relatively used to mean a since of style or vigor.
Look son I have so much swag
by AllMightyDictionary457 January 29, 2015
Possibly the most hideous sounding word conceivable. Not only does it hurt my tongue to say, it also fills my stomach with a horrible nauseating feeling. Swag is a word synonymous with the absolute lowest societies. Those with swagger choose to wear only the most trashy clothes and scorn sophistication as well as good taste in general. They are the very embodiment of Nietzsche's slave morality!
After he claimed to have "swag," I lost all respect for him entirely.
by Prince_Steven January 04, 2015
A word that has been used far too much. Supposed to mean coolness or something silly like that. You probably don't have swag since you are look it up, which believe me, by the standards of other people I know who 'have swag'. is just fine.
Joe: I have soo much swag! SWAG FOR THE WIN!
Alai: You're giving me a headache, Joe.
by Lollipoplicker January 01, 2015
Swag is an exceptionally virulent psychosomatic pathogen that is often prevalent in middle and high schools, usually in the case of dull-witted, belligerent arse heads who gain a reputation as such throughout their academic careers. The pathogen often promotes repetitive neural patterns and severely impairs cognitive functions such as critical thinking, individuality, and common sense. Much in the same fashion as paranoid schizophrenics, those afflicted often suffer visions of grandeur or over exaggerated senses of accomplishment.
A turtle pooped in my yard and I took a picture of it. Hashtag 420yoloswag.
by SomeoneSomewhereEverywhere December 19, 2014
Those faggot queer people who wear basketball shorts, nike shirts, those shitty elite socks, and those gay basketball shoes. Usually plays basketball and thinks he's a ladies man although hes probably a gaybo in disguise. Generally one of those people who says they fucked your mom when you beat them in Call of Duty.

Person: "You must be a Swag."
by Long-Sleeve Pants November 29, 2014
A word that was created by some half drunk, half stoned jackass in a club. Pretty much the most commonly used word in the entire goddamn universe. Made immortal by Justin Beiber (A half drunk, half stoned jackass) and now used not only to describe a person who is a complete and utter shitbird, but also used as an alternate word for, "Mental Defect."
"Did you hear that little asshat with his pants hanging down around his knees?"
"No, why?"
"Ah, he said 'swag' like seven times in one sentence."
by Terrance Yothwater June 29, 2014
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